We are strong believers in the state motto "Forward," striving every day to be a better, more efficient company. Below are a few technologies we are implementing to reach that goal.

Energy Production

In the spring of 2011, we installed a 6 panel solar electric system. The total amount of energy produced generally meets the consumption requirements  of our entire building as well as provides some excess back to the grid.


Energy Conservations



Our farm takes several steps to ensure our energy consumption is as efficient as possible. We began by installing a clean burn furnace in our shop. This device heats our entire shop using the waste oil from our machines. The benefits of this are two fold.

    First, our oil is disposed of safely and cleanly. More than just an oil burner, our clean burn system acts as an incinerator.  This system meets all requirement from the EPA for waste oil recycling. By recycling this product on site, we spent less time transporting it, and reduce the risk of spills.

    Second, we get free heat! By saving our waste oil year round and collecting from local local farms, we often collect enough energy to heat our entire shop during the winter months. 



Another new addition to our facility was a lighting upgrade. We retrofitted all our fixtures
to energy efficient bulbs as well as implemented smart switching. We installed sky lighting,
which allows us to work most days without any lights at all.



We have recently made updates to some of our irrigation systems using Valley Irrigations VRI technology. This allows us to more efficiently monitor our water consumption, by giving us the ability to variably adjust the flow output of each nozzle.  By doing this, we are able to more precisely irrigate zones in our fields that may differ due to soil type, field layout, or changes in crops. This makes it easier to operate during off-peak hours. This system can be remotely operated,, also giving us faster response times to changing weather conditions.


For more information on Valley VRI irrigation systems call North Central Irrigation at 1-608-362-0706