Back: Kyle Strommen, Al Feirn, Lee Schroeder, Tim Wellnitz, Greg Hanson, Brian Hill, Mike Murphy, Willie Hughes

Front: Randy Hughes, Gary Seeman, Julianne Hughes, Judy Hughes, Cathy Fishel, Brad Inman, Wes Hughes

A Passion For Agriculture


Our mission at Hughes Farms is to grow and produce wholesome food in an environmentally sustainable way. We strive to have a good quality of life that exemplifies solid family and community values. At Hughes Farms, we work to maintain a strong competitive advantage through diversity and specialization. We pride ourselves on being a prompt, organized safe and well-maintained operation ready to tackle any challenge.

Our Core Values:

1. Work/life balance with an emphasis on supporting family structure.
2. Provide and maintain a safe environment to work in.
3. Provide support for the familes and communities we work with.
4. Continue to grow through ard work, determination, and implementation of new technologies and time tested traitions.
5. Enhance environmental quality for future generations.
6. Produce quality products/ food
7. Continue to farm with the same pride as the generations before us.
8. Hold our mission and core values above increasing profits or yielding the most bushels.

Hughes farms is owned and operated by Randy and Judy Hughes of Janesville, WI. We own and rent over 5000 acres of tillable land centered in Rock County. 

Pictured above is our staff. We employ 4 full time staff members and 7-8 seasonal employees. They all play a vital role in our success. Without their knowledge and talents production would halt.